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A successful real estate closing is no accident – it is a deliberate, collaborative and industrious process bringing together many parties and interests. It begins with a real estate contract, or a plan to refinance, and it culminates with the signing of documents and the creation of new legal relationships involving buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders. At the center of this process is a real estate attorney or title company. What skills or qualifications should you be looking for in your real estate attorney or title company? To name a few: experience, organization, a firm that adheres to the best industry practices, a firm which features a solid team, and of course a firm which exemplifies traditional corporate values such as integrity, reliability and dedication.

At Foy Law Office, PLLC and Sunset Settlement Company, LLC, we have what you need to take on even the most difficult of real estate transactions. Attorney Leonard W. Foy III was first admitted to practice in California in 1995, he began handling real estate matters immediately, and he has been conducting real estate transactions ever since. These many years of practical experience are invaluable to successfully navigating the modern day real estate transaction. Foy and Sunset have a large staff of seasoned legal professionals, attorneys, paralegals and support staff, because it takes more than one or two people in an office to take on the incredible task that is closing a real estate purchase or refinance in the 21st century. And this staff has been carefully handpicked to reflect the values of the firm: a strong work ethic, an emphasis on providing superior customer service, and staying organized at all times. Finally, these firms have spared no expense and have made significant financial investments towards acquiring and harnessing the very best technology available to streamline the closing process – because real estate transactions no longer depend upon paper, pens and typewriters. Sensitive information is kept secure, closed real estate files are scanned and retained safely and indefinitely for future inquiries and needs, and best of all your transaction is handled with state of the art efficiency, keeping costs down and resulting in a process that is pleasant, and never frustrating.

Again – a successful real estate transaction is no accident – it is the outcome of a great plan engineered by skilled legal professionals. Why work with us? Because we’re great at what we do, we love what we do, and we have everything you are looking for in a closing company!

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If you are currently buying or selling real estate, or seeking or extending mortgage financing in connection with a real estate transaction, please telephone Attorney Len Foy directly at his Nashua office, Len can be reached at (603) 598-4030.